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Russian Activist Galperin Detained In Moscow

MOSCOW -- Russian civil-rights activist Mark Galperin has been detained in Moscow.

Galperin wrote on Facebook on February 7 that police broke down his apartment door and rushed in before forcibly taking him to a police station.

Galperin's lawyer, Ksenia Kostromina, said that her client will be interrogated soon, adding that she did not know the reasons of his detention or the charges he might face.

On January 14, Galperin was detained while taking part in a rally to support political prisoners and charged with violating the law on public gatherings and resisting police. He was released two days later.

In 2016, Galperin narrowly avoided prosecution for violating a controversial 2014 law criminalizing participation in more than one unsanctioned protest within 180 consecutive days.

The only person who was sentenced for violation of that law, Ildar Dadin, has been serving a 2 1/2-year prison term since December 2015.

With reporting by TASS