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Russian Jailed After Playing Fictional Ministry Spokeswoman In Online Series

Larisa Krivonosova played Marina Vulf, a fictional Interior Ministry spokeswoman who local media said was a parody of real-life spokeswoman Irina Volk.

USSURIISK, Russia -- A court in Russia's Far East has sentenced a woman to three months in prison after she played the role of an Interior Ministry spokeswoman in an online satirical series about a fictional official.

Police in the Primorye region said on October 21 that 43-year-old Larisa Krivonosova, who has a criminal record, was sent to prison for a parole violation.

Last month, Krivonosova was sentenced to 10 days in jail after she performed the role of Interior Ministry spokeswoman Marina Vulf ("Vulf" is a Russified variant of the German surname Wolf) in the YouTube series about Vitaly Nalivkin, a fictional chairman of the executive committee of the city of Ussuriisk.

Many in Russia saw the parallel between Krivonosova's character and the real Interior Ministry spokeswoman, Irina Volk. Volk means wolf in Russian.

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk
Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk

Police said at the time that Krivonosova was jailed for illegally wearing a police uniform, but later changed their statement to say that she was jailed for a parole violation.

According to police, Krivonosova was released on parole in 2017 after she served an unspecified amount of time for the "premeditated infliction of injury." There were no further details given concerning the charge.

In 2020, police said her parole restrictions were toughened after Krivonosova "started committing violations endangering social order and public security."

The satirical online show about Nalivkin mocks the everyday life of ordinary people and the behavior of local authorities in Russian provinces.

Earlier in the year, Andrei Neretin, who plays the role of Nalivkin in the show, was sentenced to five days in prison and fined for "minor hooliganism" after an episode about a corrupt police officer was placed on YouTube.