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'Drunk' Man Crashes Tank Into Murmansk Storefront, Steals Wine


The driver of this armored personnel carrier smashed through a storefront and stole a bottle of wine.

A drunken man was detained after stealing an armored personnel carrier and crashing it into a supermarket in northwestern Russia on January 10, police said.

Police said in a statement carried by Russian news agencies that the man stole the tanklike vehicle on caterpillar tracks from a military driving school in the city of Apatity in the far northern region of Murmansk.

The school teaches driving skills to future army conscripts, but the vehicle had been stripped of weapons, police said.

On a joyride through Apatity, the man driving the armored vehicle badly damaged a parked car before careening through the supermarket window, police said.

After the crash, the man climbed out of the vehicle's hatch and walked into the aisles of the supermarket before being detained, the police said.

After detaining the man, officials said police determined that he was drunk.

Local news website Hibinform reported that the man also attempted to steal a bottle of wine from the supermarket just before his arrest.

Based on reporting by AP, AFP, dpa, and TASS