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Russia Criticizes EU Over Refugee Crisis

Russia has criticized the European Union's handling of the refugee crisis and hinted that the bloc was guilty for fomenting conflicts that have triggered the mass migration.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in Moscow on September 8, "Justice certainly requires that those countries that bear responsibility for unleashing the conflicts should take on great responsibility as well for providing humanitarian help to the victims."

Speaking at a meeting with European Commission Vice President Kristalina Georgieva, Lavrov said the EU's "mechanical approach" of throwing money at the refugee problem will not resolve it.

The EU is struggling to cope with a large influx of migrants fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

Russia has opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the Western-backed overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and the West's support for rebels in Syria.

Based on reporting by dpa and TASS