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Russia Grounds Strategic Bombers After Runway Mishap

A Russian TU-95 flies in airspace near the isle of Okinoshima in western Japan in August 2013.

Russia has grounded its fleet of Tu-95 strategic bombers after one of them rolled off a runway in the Far Eastern Amur region.

The Defense Ministry announced the grounding on June 8, saying there would be no flights until the incident earlier the same day had been investigated.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said that "some crew members" were injured and had been hospitalized.

The aircraft was not carrying any weapons at the time of the incident, the spokesman said.

According to some reports, the accident was caused by a fire in one of its four engines.

In March, a Tu-95 was intercepted twice by Japanese Air Force planes over the Korean Strait and, later, over the disputed Kurile Islands.

A few weeks earlier, two Tu-95s were intercepted by British fighters and escorted away from the coast of the United Kingdom.

Based on reporting by Interfax, the BBC, and the Financial Times