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Russia, Iran Hold Talks On Syria Crisis

Iranian President Hassan Rohani (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting in Azerbaijan in August 2016.

The presidents of Russia and Iran have agreed to continue working together “on issues related to assistance in finding a political solution to the Syria crisis,” a Kremlin statement says.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rohani, spoke by telephone on December 24 and described the Syrian government’s capture of the city of Aleppo as a “milestone” in the conflict.

The presidents reportedly agreed to support the idea of holding Syrian peace talks in the Kazakh capital, Astana, in order “to reach precisely formulated agreements.”

Putin spoke by telephone on December 23 with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the two agreed that the capture of Aleppo “has opened the door” for a political process by encouraging “many who earlier hampered a political settlement in Syria to join the process.”

Based on reporting by TASS and RIA Novosti