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Huge Russian Lawsuit Against Madonna For Homosexual Propaganda Tossed


Madonna performs in St. Petersburg on August 9. At one point, she undressed to reveal "No Fear" written on her bare back, a reference to perceived homophobia that's spawned Russian legislation banning the propagation of LGBT lifestyles.
The Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) live blogged the frighteningly hilarious proceedings in St. Petersburg, where a court on November 22 was trying global pop music icon Madonna in absentia for alleged homosexual propaganda.

The $10 million lawsuit was eventually thrown out by the judge, who had pledged to wrap up the trial by the end of the day.

At one point, according to RAPSI, the judge lost his temper while viewing shaky video footage from the August concert that is at the heart of the case and trying to spot minors whose sexual orientations might have been adversely affected.

RAPSI's coverage included gems like: "17:07 The aggrieved parties are now showing a news article on the show and a photo depicting a topless white cartoon man making out with a topless black cartoon man."

Other highlights included a defense attorney questioning the legitimacy of the collaborative site Wikipedia as a source of evidence, an examination of statistics on how many divorces break up due to "homosexualism," and an assertion that same-sex marriage has pretty much ruined Europe.

Earlier in the day, there was this bombshell: "15:53 Irina Gizatulina, another aggrieved party representative, is now testifying. She says that it's very important for the government to protect society from gay propaganda. Her underaged brother accidentally watched Madonna's show in some social networks."

RAPSI is a bona fide news source. So while this stuff seems made up, it ain't.

Here's the link. Thanks to @RusPoliceWatch for bringing it to our attention.

And here's a photo from inside the proceedings, where, sadly, Madonna was not present.

The plaintiffs (rear) and the respondents (front) in a suit against Madonna sit at a table in a courtroom in St. Petersburg on November 22.
The plaintiffs (rear) and the respondents (front) in a suit against Madonna sit at a table in a courtroom in St. Petersburg on November 22.

-- Andy Heil

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