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Russia Warns Against Attempts To Alter Europe's Balance Of Power

Russia's ambassador to NATO says Moscow opposes any attempt to alter the geopolitical balance in Europe.

"We will do everything to prevent any changes in the balance of power in Europe," Aleksandr Grushko told journalists on October 9. "We do not want this to lead to a new arms race and confrontation schemes of a new cold war."

Grushko also claimed that the number of NATO reconnaissance flights along Russia's borders "has increased considerably" and noted the "practically constant military naval presence of NATO" in the Baltic and Black seas.

Grushko said that because NATO has no institutional role in Syria, Russia does not intend to engage with the alliance on this topic.

Moscow is proceeding in a bilateral fashion with concerned parties, including NATO-member Turkey, he added.

On October 8, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed concern about the "troubling escalation" of Russia's military activity in Syria.

He said NATO could deploy forces to Turkey if Russian warplanes continue violating Turkey's airspace.

Based on reporting by TASS and Interfax