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Another Prominent Russian NGO Told To Register As 'Foreign Agent'

Aleksandr Cherkasov, head of the Russian historical and civil rights society Memorial (file photo)
Moscow's prosecutor-general has urged the Memorial human rights center to comply with a new law on nongovernmental organizations requiring some NGOs to register as "foreign agents."

Memorial's leader, Aleksandr Cherkasov, told RFE/RL on April 30 that the prosecutor-general's letter says that since the organization "receives financial support from abroad and is engaged in political activities" it must register under the law as a "foreign agent."

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Cherkasov says his organization will not do so and will appeal the prosecutor's request in court.

Last week, a court in Moscow imposed a $12,700 fine on Golos and a $3,200 fine on its leader for failing to register the organization as a foreign agent.

The legislation came into force in November.

Memorial was among the many civic groups whose offices were raided by Russian tax and other authorities during the subsequent crackdown.

President Vladimir Putin suggested recently that NGOs in Russia had received more than $1 billion from abroad in the first four months of this year.