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Russia Protests War Memorial Removal In Poland

Moscow has warned Warsaw of the "most negative consequences" after a town in western Poland tore down a Soviet war monument.

Authorities in the western Polish town of Nowa Sol took down a monument dedicated to the brotherhood-in-arms of Polish and Red Army soldiersl at the end of June, reducing it to a pile of rubble.

Wadim Tyszkiewicz, Nowa Sol's mayor, said in a Facebook posting that "the monument was large, ugly, always dirty with rust leaking out of the abyss of its emptiness, like blood or tears."

In a statement on July 4, Russia's Foreign Ministry described the Polish action as an "unfriendly move" and a "direct and flagrant" violation of a 1994 agreement between Poland and the Russian Federation on memorial sites.

A Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman told Reuters that the 1994 agreement only covered cemeteries.

Relations between Warsaw and Moscow are already strained over the conflict in Ukraine.

Based on reporting by Reuters