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Russian Post Head Denies Embezzlement Allegations

Russian Post General Director Dmitry Strashnov

The head of Russia’s postal service has denied any wrongdoing in connection with a criminal investigation launched into allegations that he received an excessive bonus for 2014.

Russian Post General Director Dmitry Strashnov told journalists in Moscow on November 28 that the situation surrounding the investigation had become "overheated."

"It is not possible to be creative" in calculating the bonuses for the heads of state-owned companies, he said.

On November 25, the Prosecutor-General’s Office announced a criminal case against Strashnov for abuse of office and embezzlement after it emerged that he was given a $1.5 million performance bonus for 2014.

The bonus was calculated using falsified figures and covering up some $62 million in losses, prosecutors said.

Strashnov’s official salary is $85,000 per year.

Based on reporting by Interfax and The Moscow Times