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Tatarstan Man Awarded Compensation For Torture By Police

A man in the Russian region of Tatarstan has been awarded compensation after a court found that he had been tortured by police.

The region's Supreme Court on June 5 awarded the victim, who was not identified, 70,000 rubles ($1,250) in moral damages, increasing the amount from the 20,000 rubles awarded by a lower court.

The victim originally sought 750,000 rubles.

According to the court findings, on February 8, 2016, police Lieutenant Aidar Salmanov applied an electric shock to the victim 21 times in an attempt to extract a confession to robbery from him.

Salamonov was convicted of abuse of office in October 2016 and given a five-year suspended prison sentence.

In addition, he was barred from working in law enforcement for the same period.