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Russia, Turkey, Iran Hold 14th Round Of Talks On Syria War In Kazakhstan

Syrian UN ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari (center) speaks with other participants during a session of the peace talks on Syria in Nur-Sultan in April.

The delegations of Turkey, Iran, and Russia have arrived in Kazakhstan's capital, Nur-Sultan, for two days of trilateral talks, Kazakh Foreign Ministry spokesman Aibek Smadiyarov has told reporters.

The meetings are designed to find a permanent solution for the eight-year Syrian civil war and include ongoing talks on drafting a postwar constitution, political transition, security, and resettlement of refugees.

Known as the Astana process, the first meeting was held in Turkey in January 2017 to buttress UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva.

This is the 14th such meeting to take place.

Sanat Kushkumbaev, deputy director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, told Euroactiv on December 5 that the meeting will "focus on technical issues, in the northern part of Syria, the area of Idlib, and the banks of the Euphrates."

He added: "It's about expanding previous agreements regarding the same zone, in the northeastern direction. This is a sensitive area where there are Turks, Kurds, and remains of the terrorists from Islamic State."

Based on reporting by TASS and Euractiv