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Uzbeks Jailed For Beating Russian Soccer Fan To Death

FC Zenit fan Roman Lovchikov in St. Petersburg (undated)
FC Zenit fan Roman Lovchikov in St. Petersburg (undated)
Three migrant workers from Uzbekistan have been sentenced for beating a Russian soccer fan to death in the city of St. Petersburg.

A court in St. Petersburg on January 29 found the three guilty of causing lethal injuries to Roman Lovchikov in October 2011.

Mamur Kudratov, 32, and Nizom Razikov, 33, were sentenced to three years in jail each, while Ikram Rozikov, 41, received six years in a high-security prison.

All three pleaded not guilty, saying that Lovchikov and another man attacked them first and that they had acted in self-defense.

The court excluded that the conflict was caused by ethnic or racial hatred.

Based on reporting by and Interfax