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Russia Investigates Confrontation Between Villagers, North Caucasus Migrants

Russian police say they have opened criminal investigations following a conflict between village locals and migrants from the North Caucasus in the Kirov region, in the central part of European Russia.

Police say two people were detained over the incident on June 22 in the village of Demyanovo (see video from Demyanovo).

The incident reportedly began after a local resident was said to have offended the Daghestani owner of a sawmill.

Police intervened following a confrontation between the two sides that reportedly involved an exchange of threats and some individuals wielding clubs.

Police denied reports that four villagers were wounded by gunfire, saying two people received minor injuries.

Russia's Interior Ministry said it was sending a team of investigators to Demyanovo, and police were reported to have boosted patrols and set up checkpoints in the area.

With reporting by Interfax