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Russia Dispatches One More Warship To Mediterranean


A Russian warship leaves the Black Sea port of Sevastopol (file photo)

The Russian Navy says one of its corvettes is heading to the Mediterranean Sea to join the country’s group of warships in the region.

A spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet said the Mirazh, armed with Malakhit cruise missiles, left its Crimean base at Sevastopol on October 6.

The Mirazh follows another two Black Sea Fleet corvettes, equipped with Kalibr long-range cruise missiles, which had been due to reach the Mediterranean late on October 5.

The navy said the deployments are part of a "planned rotation" of Moscow's naval forces in the region.

The moves come after Moscow confirmed it had sent an S-300 antiaircraft missile system to its naval base in Syria's port of Tartus.

They also follow Washington’s announcement that it is suspending talks with Russia on trying to end the violence in Syria.

Based on reporting by Reuters and Interfax