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Russian Convict Captured Hours After Helicopter Jail Escape

Authorities in Russia say they have recaptured a convict, several hours after he allegedly escaped from jail aboard a private helicopter that had been hijacked by two accomplices.

The prison break occurred at a maximum security labor camp near the central Russian city of Vologda.

Police said the convict, identified as Aleksei Shestakov, was injured when he resisted capture.

Reports said Shestakov, who was reportedly serving a 25-year term for murder, used a rope ladder to climb from the labor camp into the helicopter.

Authorities said a search was under way for a man and a woman who hijacked the helicopter and forced the crew to take part in the escape.

The helicopter crew was released after Shestakov and his accomplices ordered the aircraft to land and fled.

With AFP, Interfax, and ITAR-TASS reporting