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Residents In Russian City Protest Pedestrian Fatalities

The AvtoVAZ car plant in Tolyatti
The AvtoVAZ car plant in Tolyatti
Some 140 people took part in the protest on December 1, stopping traffic in the Severny part of the city. Protest organizers said they were prompted to demonstrate after local officials ignored their appeals for pedestrian crosswalks and street lights in the neighborhood.

Six pedestrians have been killed by cars in the Severny district in the past few years.

The regional administration built the Severny community within the framework of a national program called "Accessible Housing For Russians" on land that belonged to the Rossiya agricultural cooperative.

Rossiya still holds the deeds to the land, and Tolyatti's city hall has refused to take over the deeds to the land until the infrastructure that accompanies roads are built.

Tolyatti is a city of more than 700,000 people in the Samara Oblast and is known for its automobile factories.

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