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Russian Activist Udaltsov Detained For Parole Violation

Russian opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov attends a rally marking International Workers Day in central Moscow on May 1.

Russian opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov says he was detained by police in Moscow on May 14 for a parole violation.

According to Udaltsov, earlier in the day the police officially informed him that they filed a motion in court accusing him of parole violation.

"On May 1 I gave an interview some 100 meters from a site were leftist groups were rallying, so police considered it a violation of my parole condition that bans my participation in public events," Udaltsov said.

Udaltsov said that he was detained near the building of the presidential administration in Moscow.

A Moscow court in September imposed a three-year parole restriction on Udaltsov, under which he has no right to leave the capital or attend public events and must report twice a week to a police station.

Udaltsov was released from prison in August 2017 after serving a 4 1/2-year prison sentence over his role in organizing a May 2012 protest against President Vladimir Putin and his government on Moscow's Bolotnaya Square.

In July 2014, Udaltsov was convicted of "mass disorder" in connection with the protest, which erupted into violence that demonstrators and police blame on each other.

He may face up to 15 days in jail for that violation.