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Russian Cosmonauts Await 'American Food' Held At Customs

Russia's ban on many Western products has kept its citizens from enjoying some of their favorite foods -- and now it appears the problem has spread to space.

Russian news agencies reported on January 15 that a shipment of U.S. food destined for the International Space Station (ISS) has been held up by Russian customs due to the ban, which is part of Russia's retaliation for Western sanctions over its interference in Ukraine.

Interfax cited a Russian space industry source as saying the food was meant for U.S. astronauts aboard the ISS, and that the Russian crew members would be happy to share if the shipment doesn't make it in time for the launch of a Russian supply craft next month.

But state-run TASS cited Sean Fuller, head of NASA's manned space flights program in Russia, as saying the U.S.-made foods "are for the Russian segment" of the ISS.

He said the cosmonauts "like to have American food for a change once in a while."

Irina Romanova, a spokeswoman for Russian space industry giant Energiya, said the tardy food shipment will not create problems for the station's crew of six and that the problem will be resolved "in the near future."

Based on reporting by TASS and Interfax