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Russian Fans Duped By Rerun, Cheer Decade-Old Hockey Victory

Russia actually lost the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships final even though many of their fans back home didn't know it.

A Russian television network's decision to air a nearly decade-old ice-hockey game scored with viewers who celebrated a Russian victory over Canada in the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

Unfortunately for fans who hailed the win on social media, the game that was aired by Match TV on January 6 was a rerun from 2011.

The 2020 championship game between the two countries broadcast by another network was, in fact, won by Canada by a score of 4-3.

Many viewers had watched much of the 2020 tournament on Match TV, which had planned on airing the final until the broadcast was moved to Russia's First Channel.

The last-minute change apparently duped many, based on the number of social-media posts celebrating the 5-3 victory by the Russian Juniors that took place nearly a decade ago.

Based on reporting by Meduza and