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Russian Man's Killing By Uzbek Migrant Causes Tension

Russian police in Moscow Oblast have charged 57 people with hooliganism and drinking alcohol in public after they took part in a violent antimigrant rally fueled by the death of a local man.

The arrests took place in the Russian town of Pushkino on May 15 when hundreds rallied to commemorate Leonid Safyannikov, 22, who died of wounds from a brawl with Uzbek migrant Jahongir Akhmedov on May 13.

Police had to intervene after the protesters destroyed several stores and kiosks in the town.

Akhmedov, 25, managed to flee to Uzbekistan after the incident, but his relatives and the Uzbek community in Russia pressured him to return.

Russian police arrested Akhmedov upon his arrival at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport late on May 15.

Based on reporting by Interfax and ITAR-TASS