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Russian Military Adviser Reported Killed In Syria, Second In A Month

Russian military forces in Syria

A Russian military adviser, Lieutenant Colonel Aleksei Buchelnikov, was killed by a sniper in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.

Buchelnikov was in Syria as part of a group of Russian advisers tasked with training Syrian artillery personnel, the ministry said.

"During a military training session, one Syrian unit came under militant sniper fire" and Buchelnikov was fatally wounded, it said on May 2.

The ministry said it is nominating Buchelnikov for a posthumous award from the state.

It was the second reported death of a Russian military adviser in Syria in the last month.

On April 20, the ministry reported the death of Major Sergei Bordov as he was working with Syrian Army units to prevent what it called a terrorist breakthrough into their compound.

Based on reporting by TASS, Reuters, and Interfax