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Russian Woman Killed After Water Pipe Bursts In St. Peterburg

A Russian woman has been killed after an underground water pipe burst near a residential building in the city of St. Petersburg.

The Investigative Committee said on April 8 that the pipe burst at around 3 a.m., sending boiling water through the window of a first-floor apartment.

The 64-year-old woman, who sustained serious burns, died shortly afterward in a hospital, while her 39-year-old son was stable after receiving medical attention, the committee's press service said.

Local officials said the pipe that supplied the apartment block with hot water was installed in 1994. The building itself was constructed in 1967.

In September, two people were killed after hundreds of liters of boiling water flooded a cafe in St. Petersburg after a pipe burst.

Many water pipes and old residential buildings constructed across the former Soviet Union have not been repaired or renovated for decades.

Based on reporting on Fontanka and Interfax