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Russian Election Officials Find No Fraud In Astrakhan Election

Opposition mayoral candidate Oleg Shein speaks to a rally of supporters in Astrakhan last week.
MOSCOW -- The head of Russia's Central Election Commission says that its officials have noticed no fraudulent activities in video recorded at polling stations during Astrakhan's March 4 mayoral election.

Opposition candidate Oleg Shein and his supporters have protested the announced victory of Mikhail Stolyarov, a member of the ruling United Russia party.

Shein and his supporters have been on hunger strike in protest for more than a month.

On April 16, Shein filed a lawsuit against the local election commission in Astrakhan, demanding the election results be annulled.

The court accepted the tapes as evidence, which Central Election Commission officials began watching on April 16.

A court in Astrakhan ruled on April 20 that hearings into Shein’s lawsuit against the local election commission will be held on April 26.