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Russian Activists Detained In Exhumation Protest

SAMARA, Russia -- Two Russian rights activists were detained in the western city of Samara today as they protested a planned exhumation, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

Aleksandr Lashmankin and Lyudmila Kuzmina were detained while picketing Samara's city hall to demand the annulment of a decision to exhume the body of former Samara city council member Georgy Kutuzov for a forensic examination.

Kutuzov's mother, Polina, was among the small group of protesters.

In March, a group of mounted police in Samara detained Kutuzov for unclear reasons and handcuffed him to the stirrup of one of their horses. The horse became scared and began galloping, dragging Kutuzov along and severely injuring him.

Kutuzov died from his injuries -- which included a fractured skull -- on May 22.

Police launched a preliminary investigation into the incident, but no one has been charged.

Local activists have staged numerous protests since his death demanding "justice for Kutuzov."

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