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Sarah Shourd Too Sexy For Iranian Hard-Line Website

Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer, and Josh Fattal at a news conference in New York following the men's release from Iranian detention late last week.
An Iranian hard-line website has posted doctored pictures of Sarah Shourd, who is seen alongside fellow American citizens Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer, the two men recently released from Iran after being charged with espionage.

“Mashreghnews” blurred the arms and bosom of Shourd, Bauer's fiancee and one-time fellow detainee, to make her presentable by Iranian hard-line standards.

A picture in which Shourd is kissing Bauer has also been blurred.

The distorted pictures of the U.S. citizens during their joyful reunion have been posted on several other Iranian websites as well.

The exposure of uncovered female body parts is considered un-Islamic and inappropriate by the Iranian state and the media often blur, retouch, or Photoshop pictures that might be considered offensive.

Earlier this year, the neckline of EU foreign-policy chief Catherine Ashton was shifted upward in pictures accompanying media coverage of her meeting with an Iranian official.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari

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