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Serbian Charity Attempts World Record To Help The Disabled

NOVI SAD, Serbia -- More than 300 activists from across Serbia have gathered in the city of Novi Sad in a bid to set a Guinness world record for the largest mosaic made of plastic bottle caps.

The September 30 promotion was organized by a nongovernmental charity called From Caps To Smiles, which has been collecting recyclable bottle caps for five years and using the proceeds to raise money for children with disabilities.

Organizers said the mosaic laid out in the city center covers 621 square meters and depicts motifs of ecology and environmentalism, as well as symbols of Novi Sad.

Hundreds of volunteers – many of them children and youths – worked over the previous weeks to collect and sort nearly 800,000 bottle caps needed for the project, as well as to construct the mosaic.

Organizers documented the project and plan to submit it to the Guinness World Records organization for official certification. They expect a response to their submission within two months.

Over the last five years, From Caps To Smiles has collected nearly 100 tons of bottle caps. It takes 6 tons to buy a single wheelchair.