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Man Goes On Deadly Shooting Spree Near Belgrade

Officers investigate the site of the shootings in the village of Velika Ivanca, about 40 kilometers southwest of Belgrade.
A man in Serbia has shot dead 13 people in a predawn rampage.

Police said the 60-year-old gunman killed family members and neighbors on April 9 in the village of Velika Ivanca, 50 kilometers southeast of Belgrade.

They said he shot most of his victims in the head as they slept .

A baby was among the dead.

The head of the Serbian Interior Ministry's emergencies department, Milorad Veljovic, said the victims were killed in five houses, and the gunman also tried to kill himself and his wife. Both are still alive but severely wounded.

He said the motive was not clear, but mentioned that the gunman had lost his job last year and fought in the war in Croatia in 1992.

Based on reporting by AP, and AFP