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12 Police Killed In Separate Pakistan Attacks

A polio-immunization campaign is currently under way in Pakistan.
PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- A bomb planted on a bicycle has killed a young boy and six members of a police patrol on its way to guard a polio vaccination team.

The bombing took place on the morning of January 22 in the Charsadda district in the country's restive northwest.

The bomb also injured six others.

January 22 is the third day of a polio immunization campaign in Pakistan.

Three vaccination workers were killed in Karachi on January 21.

At least 16 polio workers and police protecting them have been reported killed in Pakistan in the past year.

Islamist militants oppose vaccination campaigns, saying they are used by Western nations for spying purposes and to make Muslim children sterile.

Also on January 22, six members of a pro-government paramilitary force in Balochistan were killed by gunmen while they escorted a Spanish cyclist.

The cyclist was injured in the ambush.

With reporting by AFP and AP