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Undaunted By Bombings, Shi'a March To Baghdad Shrine

Shi'ite pilgrims travel to the Kadhimiya shrine in north Baghdad on June 14 to commemorate the death anniversary of Imam Musa Kadhim.
Thousands of Shi'ite pilgrims are marching to a north Baghdad shrine to commemorate the death of a revered Shi'ite imam, undaunted by bomb attacks in Shi'ite neighborhoods that killed 72 people just a day earlier.

Tens of thousands of security forces have been deployed to guard the pilgrimage route to the shrine of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, who died in prison in 799.

The seventh of 12 Holy Imams in Shi'a Islam, Kadhim is believed to have been buried at the site where the shrine now stands.

The June 13 bombings -- thought to have been carried out by Sunni Arab militants -- were the third in a week targeting the annual Shi'ite pilgrimage.

With reporting by AP and AFP