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Siberian Forest Wildfires Triple Within Three Days

Officials in Russia say the severe wildfires that have been burning in Siberia have spread again.

The Federal Forestry Agency of Russia's Siberian Federal District says the wildfire zone has grown by three times since May 23

It said that as of May 26, there were 24 forest fires burning on some 2,500 hectares.

Another 41 forest fires have been extinguished on some 2,100 hectares in the Republic of Buryatia, the Altai Krai region, and Irkutsk Oblast during the last 24 hours.

Some 315 forest rangers and forest firefighters, 66 fire engines, and 11 aircraft are combatting the flames, diverting them from towns and villages.

In all, the Siberian Federal District has seen 4,687 forest fires on 710,300 hectares in the last several weeks.

Based on reporting by Interfax and ITAR-TASS