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UN Says 1 Million Syrian Refugees Now In Lebanon

Syrian refugees in the Lebanese border town of Arsal. (file photo)
The UN's refugee agency says the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has exceeded 1 million.

The UNHCR said on April 3 that Syrian refugees in Lebanon are now equal to nearly one-quarter of Lebanon's population, making Lebanon the country with "the highest per capita concentration of refugees worldwide."

The UNHCR called the figure "a devastating milestone worsened by rapidly deteriorating resources and a host community stretched to the breaking point."

The UNHCR said some 2,500 Syrian refugees arrive in Lebanon every day, more than one every minute. UNHCR chief Antonio Guterres said,

"The influx of a million refugees would be massive in any country, for Lebanon…the impact is staggering." Syria's violence has also spilled over into Lebanon during the course of the three-year civil conflict.
Based on reporting by AFP and AP