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Jihadists Kill Iraqi Cameraman In Syria

Syrian Islamist fighters hold up their weapons during a graduation ceremony at a camp in eastern al-Ghouta, near Damascus.
A jihadist group has reportedly kidnapped and killed an Iraqi freelance cameraman working in northern Syria.

The head of the Middle East and North Africa desk of Reporters Without Borders, Soazig Dollet, told the French news agency AFP that Yasser Faysal al-Joumaili's killing by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was the first of a foreign journalist in Syria's so-called liberated areas.

Joumaili had been working as a freelance cameraman for an unidentified Spanish media outlet in Aleppo Province.

He had previously worked for Al-Jazeera English TV and Reuters.

The jihadist group has its roots in Al-Qaeda's Iraqi affiliate. In recent months, it has kidnapped dozens of Syrian activists and news providers, as well as several foreign journalists.

It is accused of assassinating Syrian reporter Muhammad Said, who worked for the Al-Arabiyah news channel, in Aleppo Province in late October.

Based on reporting by AFP