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Dushanbe Demands Russian Action On Brutal Murder Of Tajik National

The scene of the murder of Tajik national Shohjon Rahmatshoev, who was stabbed to death in Moscow on December 26.
DUSHANBE -- Tajik authorities are demanding Russia find and punish the killers of a Tajik national in Moscow.

Muhammad Egamzod, the press secretary for Tajikistan's Embassy in Russia said on December 28 that Tajik diplomatic officials have expressed their deep concern to Russian authorities over the brutal killing of 32-year-old Shohjon Rahmatshoev in Moscow during the evening of December 26.

Rahmatshoev's was attacked near his apartment, stabbed 25 times and had his throat cut.

The Tajik news agency Avesta said Rahmatshoev was decapitated.

The attackers did not take any money or valuables.

Rahmatshoev's body was reportedly impossible to identify immediately due to the severity of the assault.

People who lived in a neighboring building and worked with Rahmatshoev were able to identify his body the morning after the murder.

With reporting by Avesta and Asia-Plus