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Russian Police Detain 1,000 In Raid On Trading Center

Police detain alleged illegal migrants during a raid at Moscow's Sadovod market on November 19.
Police have detained more than 1,000 workers at a trading center in Moscow's southeastern district of Lyublino.

Police say the suspects detained on November 20 are currently being checked to see if they are staying in Russia legally or are wanted for any crimes.

According to police, a large amount of counterfeit products were confiscated during the raid.

Moscow authorities have intensified efforts against illegal migrant workers after a young Muscovite was stabbed to death -- allegedly by a migrant worker from Azerbaijan -- in the Russian capital's southern district of Biryulyovo last month.

The incident caused a wave of violent protests by Russian nationalists.

Several migrant workers from Central Asia and the Caucasus were killed across Russia in the days following the incident.

Based on reporting by Interfax and ITAR-TASS