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The Rundown - December 23

3 people were killed in a bombing near the Peshawar Press Club
# Kapi Komireddi on Pakistan-U.S. relations
# Mark Moyar on how to raise the Afghan National Army

The "Washington Post" editorializes on the political situation in Iran
# Norman Dombey does not think Iran is close to a nuclear weapon
# TIME compiles the top 10 Ahmadinejad-isms
# A France-Russia arms deal may be tied to new sanctions on Iran

Ibrihim Bahr Alolom on Iraqi oil deals

Broadcast Region
# Human Rights groups are blaming the Kyrgyz president for the death of a journalist
# Jose Manuel Barroso on the EU's role in global politics
# Mark Medish on the difficulties of being Ukraine
# Bosnia's constitution is discriminatory according to the EU
# David Cronin on Serbia's EU hopes
# Yulia Latynina thinks Yegor Gaidar's modesty was his undoing

Of Interest
John Meacham interviews Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton
# Mark Lynas witnessed China's sabotaging of the Copenhagen climate talks
# A journalist who was held in Guantanamo is back at work for Al-Jazeera
# The closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay will be delayed
# The "Financial Times" editorializes on Europe after the Lisbon Treaty

-- Zach Peterson

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