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The Rundown - June 21

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Sunday Morning Talk Shows
# "This Week" talks to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel
# Fareed Zakaria interviews Abdullah Abdullah
# "Fox News Sunday" interviews Robert Gates
# The analysis of Shields and Brooks

# "Saving Central Asia" - Paul Quinn-Judge, "International Herald Tribune"
# "Kyrgyzstan: Stalin's Deadly Legacy" - Edward Stourton, "The Guradian"

# "The Washington Post" on Afghan militias taking on the Taliban
# "Endgame in Afghanistan" - Irfan Husein, "Dawn"
# "The New York Times" on the Kabul Women's Garden
# "Afghanistan's New Riches" - Huma Yusuf, "Dawn"
# George Will on the rules of engagement in Afghanistan

# "Pakistan's Medieval Constitution" - Mira Sethi, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "How Fata was Won by the Taliban" - Asad Munir, "Express Tribune"

# "The Regime in Iran Isn't About to Fall" - Fareed Zakaria, "Newsweek"
# "Iran and the European Moment" - Emanuele Ottolenghi, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "Ahmadinejad's Long, Hot Summer" - Kaveh Afrasiabi, "Asia Times"
# Iran has hanged the leader of the Jundallah group
# Tony Karon thinks Iran is playing chess while the West plays checkers

# "South Ossetia Looking Like a Failed State" - Matthew Collin, "Moscow Times"
# Chechen women are being shot with paintballs for not wearing headscarves

Of Interest
# "Foreign Policy" presents its 2010 Failed States Index
# The PKK killed 12 Turkish soldiers over the weekend
# "Fighting Talk: The New Propaganda" - Robert Fisk, "The Independent"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Senator Carl Levin on U.S. commitment to Iraq
# George Packer reviews Peter Beinart's new book
# Al Kamen's "In the Loop"

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