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Turkmen Prosecutors Visit Turkey Over Deadly Bootleg-Vodka Poisoning

Four Turkmen prosecutors have visited Turkey in connection with the deadly poisoning of dozens of Turkmen nationals from bootleg alcohol in Istanbul.

Sources close to law enforcement told RFE/RL on May 4 that the prosecutors returned from Istanbul early in the morning on May 1. They, along with nine crew members of the IL-76 airplane that transported them, are currently in a two-week coronavirus control quarantine.

According to the sources, the main goal of the prosecutors' trip was to focus on Turkmen citizens residing in Turkey and discuss the situation with them.

Some 58 Turkmen citizens died in Istanbul after they drank bootleg alcohol, Turkish media reported in March.

The reports also said that Istanbul police had arrested 11 people, including Turkmen nationals, suspected of selling the counterfeit alcohol.

According to the sources in Turkmenistan, the prosecutors also held talks with Turkish officials on the possible extradition of the Turkmen citizens detained in the case.

Turkmen authorities, including the Turkmen Embassy in Ankara, have not officially commented on the reports.