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Ukraine To Ban Imports Of Some Russian Goods

Kyiv says it will approve a ban on the import of some Russian goods in response to similar actions by Moscow.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said during a cabinet meeting on December 30 that "for every Russian action, Ukraine will take counteractions and countermeasures."

He also said the government would change the duty on Russian imports, but gave no details.

Ukraine's Ministry of Economy and Trade said on December 29 that it has drawn up a list of 43 products from Russia whose import will be banned starting from January 10.

The products range from meat and dairy products to alcohol and railway hardware, including locomotives

The trade war ignited earlier this month after the Kremlin said it was suspending a free trade zone with Ukraine because of "extraordinary circumstances affecting the interests and economic security" of Russia. That was in reference to a free trade pact Kyiv has signed with the European Union.

Moscow said the EU-Ukraine pact, which is due to come into force next month, could lead to a flood of European imports into Russia and make its own exports to Ukraine less competitive.

Based on reporting by Reuters and Interfax