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Biden Urges Yanukovych To Compromise

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (left) at a 2009 meeting with Viktor Yanukovych, who was then in the opposition, in Kyiv
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has urged Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovych to accept international support to resolve the nation's political crisis.

The White House said Biden urged Yanukovych to remove riot police, release detainees, and prosecute those responsible for attacking journalists and protesters.

Biden said only dialogue and compromise could lead to a government the Ukrainian people can trust.

The telephone call came with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton set to meet Yanukovych and opposition leaders starting on February 5 in Kyiv.

Ukraine has been gripped by protests since November, when Yanukovych pulled out of a long-awaited deal with the European Union.

Amid opposition calls to step down, Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of the government and got parliament to annul controversial protest laws.

On February 4, the opposition pressed demands in parliament to limit the powers of the president.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP