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Ukrainian Doctors Not Allowed To See Savchenko

Ukrainian physicians who traveled to Russia to give jailed Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko a medical examination were not allowed into the detention facility to see her.

Officials at the facility where Savchenko is being kept said they could not allow the March 13 visit because the Ukrainian doctors did not have the necessary documents from Russia's Foreign Ministry to be permitted entry.

Savchenko recently ended a nearly three-month hunger strike she was holding to protest what she calls her illegal confinement by Russia.

Savchenko is in pretrial detention in Russia, where she has been charged with involvement in a mortar attack that killed two Russian journalists covering the conflict between government forces and Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Savchenko's lawyer Mark Feigin complained the Ukrainian doctors had been told previously by Russian officials there was no problem in allowing them to examine Savchenko in her cell.

Based on reports by TASS and Interfax