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Lawmakers Urge Kyiv Mayor To Ban Gay Parades

Gay-rights activists are surrounded by police during a rally against homophobia in Kyiv on May 18.
Sixty-one Ukrainian lawmakers have signed a petition urging Kyiv's mayor to ban a gay-pride parade in the Ukrainian capital scheduled for May 25.

Ukraine's Family Movement leader Pavlo Unhuryan, who is also a parliamentary, announced on May 20 that the petition requests a total ban on gay-pride parades "and similar events in Kyiv in May-June 2013."

The petition states that such events "may lead to violent clashes" between those who support homosexuals and those who oppose them.

Last week, Ukraine's parliament had to postpone a debate over a new antidiscrimination law after hundreds of antigay rights demonstrators protested outside the parliament in Kyiv.

In February, the parliament formally added the draft law to their agenda that aims to prevent discrimination, including discrimination against sexual minorities.

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