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Kyiv City Council Approves Open-Air Museum of Soviet 'Occupation'

Kyiv risked drawing further ire from Moscow on July 23 by approving the construction of an open-air museum devoted to seven decades of Soviet "occupation" of Ukraine.

Kyiv’s city council instructed authorities in the Ukrainian capital to agree on a single location that could display all remaining communist-era symbols and monuments -- now officially banned -- after being converted into a public park.

A top Ukrainian culture ministry official had earlier said the controversial exhibit would help various generations remember and learn about "the crimes committed by the totalitarian Soviet regime in Ukraine.”

There was no immediate reaction from Moscow about the move.

In May, Kyiv’s city council had voted to remove all remnants of Ukraine's Soviet past from across the city by August 24.

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union from the communist state's inception in 1922 to its collapse under the dual pressures of economic depression and regional separatism in 1991.

Based on reporting by AFP and the Kyiv Post