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More Lenin Statues Toppled In Ukraine

Protesters in Kyiv on December 20 try to remove a portrait of Vladimir Lenin glued to the pedestal of a monument to the Russian communist revolutionary destroyed the previous day.
Authorities in the western Ukrainian town of Berdichev say a two-meter high statue to the founder of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin has been "completely destroyed."

The Interior Ministry for the Zhitomir region, where Berdichev is located, said that the act of vandalism happened overnight on January 5-6.

The toppling of Lenin's statue in Berdichev comes one day after a statue of Lenin in the Odesa region was vandalized. Officials in Berezovka, the center of the Odesa region, said someone threw black paint on that statue.

Another statue of Lenin was reported down in the town of Andreevo-Ivanovka, also in the Odesa region, but officials said the statue simply "fell over" and broke into two pieces.

A Lenin statue in downtown Kyiv was pulled down and demolished during pro-European Union protests early last month.

Based on reporting by "Rossiskaya gazeta," ITAR-TASS, and