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Gazprom Warns Europe Over Ukrainian Gas Transit

Ukraine's state gas company says it has stopped imports from Russia, as unseasonably warm weather has reduced consumption and it can rely on gas supplies stored in its underground reservoirs.
Gazprom has warned that Ukraine's decision to halt most of its Russian natural-gas imports through the end of the year could disrupt energy supplies for Western and Central Europe.

Ukraine's Naftogaz state oil and gas company said this week it had stopped imports from Russia's Gazprom as unseasonably warm weather had reduced consumption and it could rely on gas supplies stored in its underground reservoirs.

But Gazprom officials claimed on November 14 that Naftogaz did not have enough storage in its reservoirs and may be forced to use up gas meant for other countries if weather conditions change.

The decision by Naftogaz to stop imports came after Gazprom said Ukraine owed nearly $1 billion and threatened to seek prepayments for future deliveries unless the entire debt was paid.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters