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Ukraine To Boost Production Of 'Ecologically Clean' Food

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych
UNITED NATIONS -- President Viktor Yanukovych says Ukraine intends to increase the production of what he describes as "ecologically clean food" and to offer it on international markets at affordable prices.

Speaking September 20 at a high-level meeting on combating noncommunicable diseases at the UN in New York, Yanukovych said Ukraine is dynamically developing its agriculture and has a great capacity to increase production.

"Ukraine plans to stimulate the production of ecologically clean food," he said. "In the near future, we will increase the supply of such products to international markets at affordable prices."

"Ecologically clean food" is said to refer to produce that has been naturally grown using traditional methods and without additives or processing.

Boosted by a record corn harvest this year, Ukraine surpassed Brazil for the first time in seven years to become the world's third-largest corn exporter, behind the United States and Argentina.

Ukraine has already begun to expand its offerings of "ecologically clean food" on global markets. Ukrainian buckwheat and dairy products stamped "ecologically clean" have been made available in a number of U.S. grocery stores.