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UN Nuclear Chief To Meet With U.S. Senators Critical Of Iran Deal

The United Nation's nuclear chief will meet with U.S. lawmakers next week to discuss his role in the historic Iran nuclear deal, the Vienna-based agency said July 31.

The head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog is scheduled to meet with U.S. lawmakers next week to discuss his role in the historic Iran nuclear deal.

Yukiya Amano, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is due to meet members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on August 5.

Republican Senate leaders have accused President Barack Obama's administration of making secret deals with Iran that go beyond the publicly known nuclear pact, purportedly involving the Vienna-based nuclear agency.

Senators are expected to question Amano on the allegations.

Some Republicans are trying to build a bilateral coalition of U.S. lawmakers large enough to block the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers.

While denying that there are any side deals, the IAEA has said it is normal procedure to keep the technical details of nuclear monitoring agreements between the agency and the country being monitored.

The IAEA is meant to play a critical public role in enforcing the deal.

It would be charged with confirming whether Iran is complying with the accord by scaling down its nuclear facilities and activities as promised.

Sanctions against Iran that have been imposed by the UN, the United States, and the European Union would be lifted only if the IAEA certifies Iran is in compliance will its obligations under the nuclear agreement.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP