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U.S., Allies Carry Out Air Strikes Against Islamic State Militants

The United States and its allies have conducted 15 air strikes against Islamic State (IS) miltants in Syria and 13 in Iraq since May 7.

Reuters cites a statement issued May 8 by the coalition conducting the air strikes as saying in Syria, 13 air strikes near Al-Hasakah hit 10 Islamic State tactical units, destroyed nine fighting positions, 10 vehicles, two heavy machine guns, and an armored vehicle.

The statement by the Combined Joint Task Force said two other strikes were near Aleppo and Kobani.

In Iraq, the statement said coalition-led forces launched four strikes near Baiji, four near Fallujah, and others near Tal Afar, Sinjar, Mosul, and Al-Assad.

The strikes could not be independently confirmed.

Based on reporting by Reuters