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One last pitch
One last pitch

Live Blog: The U.S. Presidential Election

20:42 6.11.2012

The big day has arrived. After more than a year of campaigning, voters in the U.S head to the polls today to choose their president. We will live blog the results here -- with an eye towards our broadcast countries.

20:54 6.11.2012
Both campaigns are trying to get people out to the polls:

21:06 6.11.2012

RFE/RL Washington correspondent Richard Solash talked to some voters in Arlington, VA:

Will Blake, a Romney voter - "I didn't see a dramatic difference between the two candidates [on foreign policy] to the point that I thought it differentiated President Obama enough to swing my opinion, to be frank."

Brandon Colet, an Obama voter - "Although I don't believe in most of [Obama's] fiscal policies, it's most of his social policies I support more than Romney's."

Joe Reddan, who declined to say which candidate he supports - "The campaign season was one of the most negative I've ever seen. If you don't have a record to run on, then you have to disparage the other guy, and if you're the other guy and you can't elucidate a vision -- it makes it really a lot of acrimony, not a lot of positive messaging."
21:14 6.11.2012
21:19 6.11.2012
Americans get out the vote -- in pictures [full gallery]

21:34 6.11.2012
21:41 6.11.2012

22:02 6.11.2012

Why the donkey? Why the Elephant? [READ IT]

22:17 6.11.2012

Very useful map from the Daily Kos on poll closing times [HERE]

22:32 6.11.2012
We CANNOT verify this...but need to post it.

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